What does 1X2 mean in sports betting?

And why is it sometimes 0?

The sportsbook internet pages https://ghanaguardian.com/supabets-review-full-breakdown-of-supabets-online-bet-website looks a little cryptic. Many betting options are shown in abbreviated form. More often than not, you will come across 1X2. To beginners, this sounds like gibberish at first, but it's actually very simple.

With 1X2, you bet on a winner or a draw. The structure is always the same: if you click on 1, you win at home. X means a draw and 2 you bet to win away. The end result that the results are based on doesn't matter. Since there are exactly three betting options, 1X2 is often referred to as a three-way bet.


Sports betting

Example: Bayern Munich scores BVB at home. If you click on the odds below 1, you will show the Bayern home win hint on the bookmaker's card. If you do so at odds below 2, you are betting on Dortmund to win on the road. Odds below X - some bookmakers also use 0 - you choose if you are sure of a draw.

Important: Unless otherwise specified by the betting organizer, 1X2 always refers to normal playing time. So 90 minutes plus the stop time. Overtime bets are usually excluded.

FAQ - Questions and answers about 1X2 betting

What sports are there 1X2 bets on?

1X2 implies that there must be three different outcomes of the game. This means that sports such as tennis or Formula 1 are excluded. Classic 3-way bets can be found in soccer or handball.

What are the 1X2 types?

Apart from the classic three-way bet, 1X2 can appear in different forms. For example, with a break / full-time bet where you bet on the break leaders and winners. A handicap bet that gives a team a virtual advantage and is then available for all three outcomes is also quite popular.

Where can I get tips for 1X2 bets?

First of all, you must learn about the league by checking all the important stats. This is possible here on Wettmaxx, for example, by selecting a league from the menu under Competitions and then clicking tables. Then we recommend you our betting tips today!

Every day, our experts provide three free professional advice, sorted by risk. 1X2 bets are also included regularly. You will also see a “1X2” tab next to pro tips. It also brings to the fore forecasts based on statistics that can be re-entered or simply as suggestions.

Is there 1X; Bet 12 and X2?

Yes. Although it is not possible to place bets on all three outcomes (otherwise you will definitely win), two outcomes can be combined into one bet. Then it means a double chance, and your chance of winning will increase to 66.6%. In this case, the odds are much lower, but often still worth it. Bets on all three options are only possible with different bookmakers.


Where can I bet on 1X2?

All the bookmakers in our bookmaker comparison have this standard bet type in their range, although the density varies depending on the provider.

What are the alternatives?

Not only in some sports are two possible outcomes, but in many betting markets as well. In the case of "over / under", 1 and 2 are also missing. You are only prompting whether the event will lead to more (more) or less (less) goals than indicated.

There are also single-option types, such as the long-term bet where you place your bet on the overall winner of a competition, such as the World Cup.

The same principle applies to goal scorers that only allow one choice, namely the expected player. A draw without a bet is a special form. There is no X here. If there is a tie, you will refund the bet.

What are the odds of 1X2?

The three options give you a 33.3% chance of winning (we explained the double-chance exception). This is theory. The odds, which are distributed differently across the three different outcomes, now play an important role. If the two teams are tied, the odds of 1 and 2 can be the same or the same. However, there are big differences between the favorites and the outsiders.

Conclusion on 1X2 rates

1X2 is rightfully one of the classic sports betting options, but not necessarily the best choice for newbies to get started typing. Given three possible outcomes, the probability of winning is "only" 33.3%. For beginners, a double-sided bet is more suitable, which increases the chance of winning up to 50%.

However, in the case of elimination games, make sure that 1X2 applies only to regular playing time, i.e. the result is counted after 90 minutes. If you are risk averse, keep an eye on the market for "who will come out ahead." Your advice will also work if the team wins in extra time or on penalties.

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